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The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Car Raffle

All proceeds fund the work of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Charity, a newly formed not-for-profit organization that was created to help Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Charity and their families during difficult hardships. The Car Drawing was Saturday, July 7th at the Boniface Hiers Mazda Dealership in Melbourne Florida. Thank you to all who participated!

The 1969 Win-the-Road Runner

The Plymouth Road Runner was selected as the Motor Trend Car of the Year for 1969.

Motor Trend Car of the Year 1969

The Story Behind the 2018 Win-the-Road Runner Car Raffle

Boniface Hiers Automotive

Over 23 years ago, AJ Hiers decided that he wanted to get involved in giving back to the community. Being that AJ had been in the car business for so many years he decided that a car raffle was a great way to raise money and the Grand Prize would appeal to just about anybody!

In its early years, the car drawing was held at the Boniface Hiers car dealership and the winner had the opportunity to pick any new car of their choice from the dealership lot. A barbeque was held in conjunction with the drawing to both thank the supporters of the fundraiser and also add a festive touch to the occasion.

After a few years, AJ decided to step it up a bit and give away a classic car to both gain more attention for the event and to boost ticket sales. That year, a 1967 Dodge Coronet RT 426 HEMI became the first in a long line of classic MOPAR collectible cars to be featured in the annual barbeque and car drawing. During its subsequent 20 year run, the barbeque/car drawing fundraiser has been privileged to feature some of the most collectible cars in the world. Additionally, the event has raised multi millions of dollars and benefited tens of thousands of Brevard County residents.

For the 2018 Grand Prize, AJ has purchased a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner and committed, once again, 100% of the proceeds to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Charity.  The Car Drawing was July 7th 2018 at the Boniface Hiers Mazda Dealership in Melbourne Florida.  Thank you to all who participated! Still like to help the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office charities? Call Sue Tyson-Parker 321-241-4520.


Brevard County Sheriff's Office CharityThe Mission of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Charity is to organize and consolidate fund raising efforts for Public Safety Officers in within Brevard County, Florida. This will insure quick and efficient distribution of funds to Deputies, Police Officers and Firemen.

The organization works with community leaders, businesses and citizens to raise funds to help our law enforcement officers and firefighters in their time of need. These funds will help our public safety members when they face critical challenges such as medical emergencies, long term illness or even the tragedy of a line of duty death. This charity organization is designed to help protect those that protect us. The organization is facilitated solely through volunteers and provides financial assistance to distressed public safety officers or their family.

Hemis for Heroes

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Sheriff's Charity 1969 Road Runner